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Rock Blasting

Kemano Construction Ltd. is the area’s leading team of rock blasting professionals. If you have a construction or transportation project that requires rock fragmentation and removal, we have the experience and equipment to do the job properly. We’ve been blasting rock for years and are always up to date on the best practices to keep your site safe as we work.

To book a professional rock blasting service, call (604) 847-2811! We’ll send an expert to your property to assess your site and plan a safe rock blasting and removal.

Rock Blasting Professionals

When it comes to jobs as large and dangerous as rock blasting, you need to know the team you hire can handle the job. We have years of experience providing innovative rock fragmentation solutions proven to do the job right. Our engineering team is certified and licensed to provide perfect rock blasting results.

Our methods are fast and reliable, with many successfully completed projects proving our efficacy. We can develop a blasting plan that will work on any construction site, using precise drilling and explosives placement. When you need a rock demolition crew you can trust, think of our company!

Versatile Rock Blasting

Throughout our years in business, we’ve provided rock blasting services in various contexts and situations for many projects. Whether your construction project is located in a city or you need rock fragmentation in a rural setting, we can offer the precise blasting solution you need. Some of our most common blasting contexts include:

  • Urban blasting
  • Large-volume blasting
  • Rural and remote blasting
  • …and more

Our blasting services have helped many commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects get off the ground. Our experience and methods are reliable in any context, as we have the engineers to design a precise blasting plan for any job. We're the team to call if you need rock blasting for any construction project!

Safe Rock Blasting Services

The nature of rock blasting means that without the proper care and attention to detail, your construction site could become a hazardous zone. You could put your whole project in danger if you don’t hire a team of licensed engineers to conduct the drilling, handle the explosives, and assess any following ground instability.

We take every precaution before, during, and after blasting to ensure that all people, nearby buildings, and the site itself, remain safe throughout the process. Some measures we take include:

  • Using only trained professionals
  • Evaluating the blast zone
  • Assessing the rock type
  • Precise line drilling
  • Muffle blasting
  • …and more

If you want to learn more about how our blasting methods keep you and your site safe, get in touch with our experts! We’ll be happy to discuss our safety measures in greater detail.

Book a Rock Blasting Expert

Kemano Construction Ltd. is the industry leader in reliable and safe rock blasting. Our professional explosive engineers offer precision and safety with every blasting project. Get in touch with us at (604) 847-2811 to book your premium rock blasting service!

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