Kemano Construction Ltd.

Kemano Construction and Kemano Drilling & Blasting have a wide range of equipment available to tackle any job big or small.

For Drilling & Blasting projects such as Quarries, Pipelines, Sub-Divisions and Forest Service Roads we have a variety of large hydraulic rock drills. We have hand plugger drills for smaller projects such as house lots, trench lines and back yard boulders. Our blast crews use seismographs to monitor and record all our blasts. We carry a variety of blast mats including large tire mats, medium size trench mats as well as hand mats for pole hole blasting. We have a variety of large and small powder trucks for transporting our explosives safely to the site.

We use different sizes of Hydraulic rock splitters for projects that either do not require or do not allow controlled drilling and blasting. Due to the mobility of our rock splitting crews we are to take on most projects with short notice.

Slope Stabilization projects require specialized equipment, knowledge and experience. Kemano Construction has all three!

With the wide selection of excavation equipment available to Kemano Construction such as large excavators, articulated rock trucks, dozers, skid steers, mini excavators, compactors, graders and loaders we can complete any size excavation project. Our experience includes quarry development, large topsoil stripping projects, gravel pit and quarry reclamation, fish spawning channel construction, forestry road construction, excavation for underground utilities, pipeline excavation, long reach excavating, building demolition, golf course construction, rock breaking, land clearing/grubbing, landscaping, sidewalk/curb/driveway prep, retaining walls and a variety of other earthworks projects.

General Inquiries

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